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MOVE AV Scan Times Short

Hi Guys,

Deployed the MOVE AV 3.5 (Multiplatform) update to a test environment and kicked off an ODS, with the OSS using a RAM disk.  For some reason the scan completed in 2 minutes.  I then kicked the scan off thinking it was perhaps and just one of those things to see if i could repeat and it took 2 minutes again.  I checked my policies and RAM disk was enabled and ODS configuration was enabled and all exclusions were inplace.  I checked the client and the MOVE AV 3.5 client driver was loaded and OSS servers were connected.

I find it hard to believe that a scan can completed in 2 minutes when i have only just deployed the agent, even with caching.  The client server is server 2012 with SQL server 2012 deployed to it as well.



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