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MOVE AV Agentless 3.x policy is not retained after vMotion of protected VM from one ESXi to another ESXiTechnical Articles ID: KB82349

Not seen this mentioned in the forum but for enterprise implementations of MOVE 3.0 Agentless for Vmotion enabled platforms you need to read and understand the results of this.

In essence a VM which under goes Vmotion under DRS or manual migration isn't covered, for up to an hour, by the scan policy you think it is but rather than scan policy applied to the SVA who's protection it moves to until the hourly policy push occurs.

My example was a SQL server under load but under a scan policy with the correct SQL exclusions  was auto load balanced via DRS to another Esxi with more resource only then to be covered by a scan policy with no SQL server exclusions. This hung the SQL server.

I've been told its fixed in 3.5 but the KB article also states 3.5 is affected....