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MOVE 4.5.1 - SVA VM's require restarts every couple weeks

Hey all,

I'm running into an issue with my MOVE environment where my SVA VM's require restarts every week or two to install updates. When this happens, my MOVE environment stops being able to scan or give correct status of our VDI machines.

In EPO i start noticing this, under Agentless Anti-Malware Protection Status I get a bunch of unknowns. It should say On or Off depending if MOVE is protecting this VDI machine or not.



When the above happens I have to either restart the move service on each MOVE SVA or the system "Requires a restart".

MOVE SVA "required system restart"


Any help would be appreciated to know why this happens? Only fix I have at the moment is to restart each SVA (We have 13 total) or restart the services on each.


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