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Licensing Move


Are there some resources available on how McAfee Move is licensed?

as an additional piece of information

do I need to license the VDI Hypervisor with  McAfee Move AV for virtual servers as well as the virtual desktops product?

(Licensed per Hypervisor as I understand)

(as well as McAfee Move AV for Virtual Desktops Licensed per Node

I take it a Node is a Virtual desktop in this instance?



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Re: Licensing Move

I believe the vshield licensing has changed with version 5 but with version 4 we had to buy licenses to be able to utilize the agentless move configuration. 

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Re: Licensing Move

There are two different commercial offering with two different licensing modes:

- MOVE for virtual desktops - licensed per virtual node (virtual machine)

- MOVE for virtual servers - licensed per hypervisor (physical server)

I'll give you some examples:

- 1 Physical server, 50 virtual desktops : You'll need 50 MOVE for virtual desktop licenses

- 1 Physical server, 50 virtual servers: You'll need 1 MOVE for virtual servers

- 1 Physical server, 30 virtual desktops, 20 virtual servers: 30 MOVE for virtual desktop licenses, 1 for virtual servers