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livesafe versus malwarebytes premium

I have mcafee livesafe installed on my laptop with windows 8.1 i also have malwarebytes and am happy with both, recently i upgraded to malwarebytes premium free trial offer i noticed my computer slowed down , now that it's near the end of the free trial it keeps asking to upgrade at a cost. Do i need to to upgrade at another cost to me ,or does livesafe live up to it's name and am i still protected from all the new malware being reported

any suggestions

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Re: livesafe versus malwarebytes premium

In the two weeks the Malwarebytes real time scanners could clash with McAfee's scanner try disabling it in the settings though it gets disabled in a day or two anyway. I use Malwarebytes free as a backup scanner running it manually weekly. Rarely finds anything that McAfee does not but this depends on your surfing habits.

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Re: livesafe versus malwarebytes premium

I have both and yes it does slow things down to have both active.   So now I only fire up Malwarebytes Pro for the occasional scan.

Let's not forget that LiveSafe provides a much more effective firewall than Windows own also, not to mention other features, such as Anti-Spam, Network Defence, Parental Controls etc.

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