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With LiveSafe , Biometrics the next thing in Security?

Will Biometrics be the next big thing in security? McAfee has said it will be.

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Re: With LiveSafe , Biometrics the next thing in Security?

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Re: With LiveSafe , Biometrics the next thing in Security?

Biometrics have been big in the upper grades of security (think military) for a while now. I first learned about biometrics almost a decade ago while touring a large data center belonging to a major telecommunications company.

Engadget reported in 2012 that more phones access the internet than computers in key markets. The availability of phones, the portability and convenience, has made the mobile device the laptop of this generation. Just this week, Apple announced the Touch ID Fingerprint scanner on the new iPhone 5s. Now, instead of having just a PIN code, your home button is a fingerprint scanner. Within a year I suspect most mobile devices will have a build that features something like this, it's pretty cool.

McAfee's LiveSafe product includes Personal Locker, which uses biometric security. It takes a photo of your face, then uses key data-points to identify you visually. It records your voice, then asks you to read a selection of text to verify your identity. That's on top of your password and PIN, which makes it ideal for storing secure content that you need access to. Imagine if you were travelling internationally and your identity documents were lost or stolen. If you'd scanned and uploaded a copy of your passport, kept securely on your laptop, you'd be able to take that to an embassy and they could identify you and sort you out with temporary papers.

It's easy to see why biometrics is the next big thing, and it isn't just McAfee that thinks so. The need for security isn't going away, it's just evolving and growing.

Are there any additional questions we can answer for you? Here is our LiveSafe product page: You don't have to have a custom system to run it, but you will need a camera, a microphone, and an chipset that supports the Anti-Theft Technology.


Somer L. Pyron
Knowledge Analyst
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