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Windows 8.1 100% Disk usage caused by LiveSafe?

I bought a Dell Inspiron 17R at the start of this year for my son, with McAfee LiveSafe pre-installed and paid for the subscription.

It's running Windows 8.1

My son has always complained that the PC freezes and when I check the system it is always because disk usage goes to 100%.  I've attempted lots of things during the year to resolve it, but the only thing I haven't tried is removing LiveSafe, which I suspect is the culprit.  I'm loathe to remove it having paid for it, but I don't feel I have any option.

Is there a way to check if LiveSafe is the culprit, aside from uninstalling it?

Any advice?

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Re: Windows 8.1 100% Disk usage caused by LiveSafe?

Best go straight to Technical Support in this case, it's free of charge by phone or online chat.

See the link below.   Do it on that machine of course.  It will ask you to run Virtual Technician first.  Sometimes that alone can fix things.

But I can't promise it.

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Re: Windows 8.1 100% Disk usage caused by LiveSafe?

Please clarify whether the Disk Usage happens all time or when a Scan is Running in the Background. Also check if you have any third party AV solutions installed on your PC apart from McAfee.

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