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Why Can i not uninstall mcafee?

i tryed to uninstall mcafee but it would not let me,

any idea why?

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Re: Why Can i not uninstall mcafee?

I moved this to LiveSafe as that is what we are talking about.

I see you are using Win 8/8.1 so a question, is it totally up to date and is Internet explorer 11 installed.  It doesn't matter if you use it or not,  McAfee's interface uses it and wont work properly if the browser is not up to date.   So make sure it is updated.

I'm assuming you are logged into Windows as an Administrator-level user rather than a Standard one?   Only the higher level can uninstall anything.

If that doesn't he;lp yhou have two choices.  Contact Technical Support for help, it's free by phone or online chat and linked in my signature below.

Or simply run the MCPR cleanup tool and it will do it for you.  Reboot afterwards.  The only problem with this method is that your online license will still show as being in use.  Customer Service, also linked below, can help with that if you need it.

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Re: Why Can i not uninstall mcafee?


Please try the below steps and see if that helps.

  • Press Windows +C to see the Charms bar and Click Search
  • Type cmd and right Click Command Prompt from the Search results. Choose Run as Administrator.
  • In Command prompt Window type net user administrator /active:yes and hit Enter
  • It should say The command completed successfully upon success.
  • Now Log out from your windows (User) account and at log on you should see a newly created Administrator Account.
  • Click on Administrator and try Uninstalling McAfee Live Safe from there. Post back the outcome..!
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