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What happened? LiveSafe firewall disabled and Windows firewall on?

I have Windows 8.1 HP Desktop pc.  I opened my Seagate backup program and got a pop up from Windows firewall wanting me to approve the action.  I checked McAfee LiveSafe and PC Security shows firewall turned on but when I open Firewall page it says "firewall turned off" and the Turn On button is active.

I'd like to know how or why it happened and if I should switch back to LiveSafe firewall and how.

It also says 'my network' is not protected. I recently installed a new router. Is that what it's referring to?

Thanks for any help.

Edit 6-26-18 (9:00pm): I could really use some help please. I tried to enable LiveSafe firewall but nothing happened.  I don't know how to get LiveSafe firewall back without maybe messing something else up.

Edit 6-26-18 (10:30pm): I found that Windows firewall in enabled and protecting my network and router. I tried turning off Windows Firewall and then tried turning on LiveSafe Firewall but still nothing.  I can't enable LiveSafe Firewall.

Edit 6-27-2018 (10:34pm): I checked around today and found in Systems and Security that Malwarebytes is listed as my (1) antivirus and (2) spyware protection.  Something changed but I don't know how.  How do I designate Mcafee as my antivirus again?

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Re: What happened? LiveSafe firewall disabled and Windows firewall on?


You could start with uninstalling Malwarebytes and restarting your PC. Check if McaFee firewall turns ON. This should also set McAfee as your default Antivirus and Spyware protection. If this doesn't work, run the McAfee Virtual Technician (MVT).

You may also reinstall the McAfee product by following the steps below, if issue persists.


Sanjay S

Re: What happened? LiveSafe firewall disabled and Windows firewall on?

Thanks for replying. I really appreciate the help.

I did run MVT. I do have a missing file. Screencaps below.  Maybe it is the LiveSafe firewall?

How could it happen? A bad Mcafee update maybe?

Malwarebytes Premium also updated to a new version recently.  Maybe I changed some settings because it was showing somethings not protecting.

I was trying to find a solution without uninstalling and reinstalling.  I always worry about getting infected in the process.

So should I still try to uninstall Malwarebytes  or go for the big one and uninstall and reinstall Mcafee LiveSafe.



Re: What happened? LiveSafe firewall disabled and Windows firewall on?

Yikes! I'm stumped but I'm not a techie either.

I really didn't want to start reinstalling stuff so I've been reading and looking around and I remembered that Malwarebytes recently updated to a new version and afterwards some protections were turned off and I had trouble getting them to turn back on.  I think it eventually righted itself.

Anyway I decided to to turn off that Malwarebytes "Web protection" setting option to see if I could then turn LiveSafe firewall on.

Lo and behold when I looked at LiveSafe firewall, it was on!  I checked Windows Action Center and it showed all Mcafee for firewall, antivirus, malware etc.

I restarted the computer and checked everthing again.  This time action center still had LiveSafe firewall but showed both Mcafee and Malwarebytes both on for everthing else.  I didn't realize Malwarebytes was also an antivirus now so I hope they still play well together. Malwarebytes site says they should.

Do you have any advice on using Mcafee LiveSafe and Malwarebytes together? I'm using LiveSafe and Malwarebytes Premium

Thank you.


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Re: What happened? LiveSafe firewall disabled and Windows firewall on?


If you would like to use both McAfee and Malwarebytes. You may opt for the FREE version of Malwarebytes. The FREE version of Malwarebytes should not cause impact on your PC’s performance. Please keep in mind that FREE version and TRIAL version of Malwarebytes are not the same.



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