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Re: Unprotected devices on network

I have installed LifeSafe on my laptop, however I keep getting a notice that "We found one device not protected with McAfee Livesafe". It shows my computer as the only device on the network and says it is unprotected. The only other items on my network are a wireless router and printer. When I check my computer on the Home screen it shows my device as being secure. Does anyone know why I keep getting a message that I have an unprotected device. I contacted Mcafee tech support they uninstalled Mcafee ran the mcafee clean removal tool ( MCPR ) but the problen reoccurs.

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Re: Unprotected devices on network

Hello @christos,

It seems like this issue is related to this article. Please click on the URL and let is know if steps mentioned in the article helps resolve the issue.



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