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RE McAfee Livesafe firewall blocking “Cast to Device” feature in Windows 10

McAfee Livesafe firewall Is blocking the “Cast to Device” feature on my private home network in Windows 10 from working.

If I turn off the Livesafe firewall, “Cast to Device” works fine – when I turn the firewall back on, “Cast to Device” ceases to work & responds with “No devises found”

MY QUESTION IS:- HOW DO I GET “CAST TO DEVICE” TO WORK without turning off (& thus retaining the protection of )McAfee Livesafe firewall.

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Re: RE McAfee Livesafe firewall blocking “Cast to Device” feature in Windows 10


 Please follow the below steps and check whether McAfee Firewall allows the applicaiton

  1. Open McAfee
  2. Click the cog symbol on the top right and select firewall
  3. Scroll down and select Internet Connections for Programs
    • Click Add and click Browse to add "Cast to Device" application
    • Incoming and outgoing to be selected with use designated ports
    • Click Save
  4. Select My Network Connections
    • Click Add
    • Select Range under IP Address Version > IPv4
    • Type  the IP Address in "From" as
    • Type the IP Address in "To" as
    • Click Save



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