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Need Help!!!

I am trying to install McAfee LiveSafe. I purchased 3 separate packages and was advised to download them at the same time. I have downloaded the first one but when I am trying to install the second one, it asks me to remove the old McAfee security. I was told to download 3 years of security protection at the same time.

Thanks in advance

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Re: Need Help!!!

You can only download and install one suite per operating system or per device.   I'm not sure who told you to do that as it's your online account that controls everything.

You can redeem coupons on your account to extend the subscription, is that what you are trying to do?

I would, if I were you, telephone Customer Service for advice and they control all that side of things, it's a free call:   Consumer Customer Service (Accounts, Billing, Registration, etc.)

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