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McAfee live safe blocking vpn

I have MacBook Air and use a VPN to stream UK TV abroad (personal computer) since installing McAfee live safe it 'blocks' the VPN so I cannot use it - VPN supplier has suggested closing Live safe if I want to use VPN but not an ideal situation and also don't know how to do it.

Any help in simple language for a not too tech savvy OAP would be appreciated.

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Re: McAfee live safe blocking vpn

Unsure if this will work also for windows so might need to adjust to match what the mAC version has

Found this on the net

1- Head over to the Mcafee icon in the notifications tray, and then right-click on it

2- Next, click on “Firewall”.

3- From “Firewall”, choose  “Internet Connections for Programs”.

4- Choose your VPN program, and then choose “Edit” in order to give it access. If you can find your VPN program in the list, then hit the “Add” button and browse until you find it.

5- From the “Access” section, choose “Incoming and outgoing” in order to permit incoming traffic as well as outgoing traffic to the app. If you choose “Outgoing Only”, you will give access to outbound traffic only.

6- Choose Use designated ports” from the dropdown menu to work with most apps. You have also two other options: “Open ports to Home and Work networks”, or “Open to all devices”.

7- Click on “Save”.

Other possibility is in firewall settings  Netguard allow the vpn IP address.