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McAfee LiveSafe Windows Version Error

Hello Experts,

Hope you guys going great.

Please help me this time with Mcafee LiveSafe, i was trying to install McAfee LiveSafe in one of my Laptop which having Windows7 Premium Home operating system.

when i was installing LiveSafe its notifies me that "install a version of windows that McAfee supports"

Please Help!

Thank You

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Re: McAfee LiveSafe Windows Version Error

Moved from Virus Scan Enterprise > Livesafe > Discussions > By Moderator


                I assume this is Windows 7 (With) Sp1 installed ? Please check your Windows Updates to assure that you are current, to include all Add-Ons and Internet Explorer. Even if  you choose not to use it, McAfee and other programs do in order to function properly.

               Should it indeed be the case that you do not have Sp1 installed, I would advise to Disable/Remove any existing Security software before attempting to install it.


               You can find the instructions on how to Uninstall/Reinstall the Consumer Product here:

                How to uninstall or re-install supported McAfee products using the Consumer Products Removal tool

                I would also make certain there is no Malware onboard. I suggest you Run the Latest McAfee Stinger (Read how to use)

                and follow up with Malwarebytes (Free) for a second opinion. To keep it (Free) follow the instructions listed just before you


                 You can obtain these Superb Free Tools here :

All the very best


McAfee Community Moderator

Consumer Products

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