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LiveSafe not cleaning History at all and sometimes Cookies as well

I have contacted McAfee this year at least 2x with this issue, and still not resolved.  Whenever I run QuickClean, I always make sure "clean cookies, cache files, and history in all of my browsers" is checked and when that doesn't clean everything, I actually go back and then click on "choose what to clean in each browser" then make sure there is a check mark next to EVERYTHING offered and run another QuickClean.  Still history remains.  Has anyone else noticed this problem this year alone?  Up until I renewed last October, give or take, I never had this problem.  It wasn't until I renewed and noticed that history never cleans even though the QuickClean will say so...not true.  I can go back to my webbrowser, click on history and sure enough everything is still there.  Same with cookies.  How I know cookies is not being cleaned each time is if I search on a webpage, it's as if days later, that webpage is still showing up as advertisements on other pages I view.  Also, I'll get an email telling me that I didn't complete a search or complete an order from me viewing that page days ago.  How is that happening?  This happens regardless of whether it's the scheduled cleaning or if I run the QuickClean myself.

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Re: LiveSafe not cleaning History at all and sometimes Cookies as well

Hello @lcwater

I just tested the functionality on my lab pc and QuickClean did delete the history and cookies from the browsers I selected. Please confirm if you are still facing this issue. If yes, please share the below details to take the issue forward.

1. Does this happen on all browsers or a specific browser? Is the browser open when you run QuickClean?
2. Have you checked if this happens on another user profile on the device?