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Ignored settings, automatic update

I need an explanation from McAfee to why "notify me of updates but don't download" is ignored and a bluescreen for restarting for updates pops up with no regard to what is happening at the time? The update also changes the settings. I have no use for such BS arrogance. Additionally, why do software providers believe nothing is more important or immediate than their service? This is a new service with a trial subscription. Why should I keep it. Furthermore and while I'm at it, why do I need to have someone remove completely from my computer? Uninstall is a joke according to the firewall logs. I need this explained and to hell with your "call us" nonsense.

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Moderator ymdfarhan
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Re: Ignored settings, automatic update

Hello river1

Apologies for the inconvenience caused. Please confirm the Release Name of McAfee installed by going to Account > About.

Also confirm if this happened after McAfee updated automatically or after you checked for McAfee updates manually. When McAfee does update and needs a restart, McAfee shows a pop up asking for the user to initiate a restart as opposed to initiating a restart automatically.