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How to make a (virus) exception


Recently I bought the PC version of Sonic Mania. McAfee Livesafe thinks that SonicMania.exe is a virus (It's not) and from the research I've done I've learned that in order to stop McAfee from trying to quarantine/delete/generally mess with Sonic Mania that I need to create an exclusion for it. Unfortunately, it is not intuitive on how to do this in McAfee Livesafe and I couldn't find any tutorials/threads on how to create an exclusion. (The closest I found was an extremely old thread in which the OP asked essentially the same question and wasn't given an answer)

Thank you in advance.

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Re: How to make a (virus) exception

In most cases Initially Security software will detect games/Steam/Foxhud..etc. Due to the behavior of the Downloader/installer. Please read this FAQ in regards to file exclusion; How to exclude files from VirusScan scanning (TS102056)

Did you receive a Artemis! detection?

It may be that you will have to submit to the Labs and they can determine if it is safe or not.

Versions and builds do change...

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