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How to clean or remove threats found using McAfee LiveSafe

I have McAfee Live Safe installed on my iMac. I set my preferences to "Clean" any threats found, or to quarantine any that it cannot clean. When I run a full scan over 200 threats are found. When I run the scan again, even immediately, the same 200+ threats are found again. Nothing is listed under Quarantined, nothing shows up in my history, except the date and time of automatic updates.

I can find no instructions in the software about how to clean or remove these threats. I am asked if I want to pay $89 or more to have McAfee help me remove viruses and threats. NO, I want my software product to do what it is supposed to do - clean and remove the threats it detects when I run a full scan. Can someone please tell me how to find out what my software is doing with the threats it is detecting? Shouldn't there be a list of the threats found, and the resolution - i.e. they were 'cleaned' or "quarantined"?

Thank you, Karen

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Re: How to clean or remove threats found using McAfee LiveSafe

Moving this thread appropriately to > Livesafe > Discussions

Also marking as 'Assumed Answered' as it is an Old thread with no activity since Sept/2015.

Locking thread also.



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