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Firewall blocking tumbler blogs

So all of sudden my firewall started blocking the webpages of tumbler blogs. I can still acess tumbler and my dashborde, but if I try and open the blog webpage it says internet acess is blocked.

I checked by turning my firewall off that I can acess the site then. 

Is there a way to add all tumbler affliated sites. I tried adding the IP to my network conections, but it did't work.

Coudl you please show me as a step by step guide.

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Re: Firewall blocking tumbler blogs

I am also having this issue... it is very annoying can someone please tell us how to fix this?

Re: Firewall blocking tumbler blogs

Hello @ThomasBT 

Please update McAfee on your computer and check the Tumblr website is accessible, if not please follow the below mentioned steps to remove the blogs from your McAfee's list of blacklisted websites,

  1. Open McAfee -> Click on PC Security -> Firewall -> Net Guard

  2. Remove IP addresses that have been accessed recently by selecting them and clicking on allow.

  3. Please close the McAfee, your browser and reopen your browser and try accessing the blogs again after performing these steps.

Ragoth Karnan

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