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Does the Intel Core i3 cpu support Deep Safe anti-malware technology?

I purchased a PC with an Intel core i3 processor in anticipation of a McAfee consumer anti-malware product employing VTx hardware virtualization Deep Safe technology.

I read the following on a website reviewing the core i3 cpu:

  • Core i3 CPUs have Turbo Boost Technology disabled.
  • Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) instructions are not supported;
  • Processors do not support Virtualization for directed I/O (VT-d) and Trusted Execution Technology features.

Does this mean that the core i3 cpu cannot support the full implementation of Deep Safe?

As far as I know, McAfee still does not have a consumer Deep Safe product.

Does Deep Defender, the enterprise anti-malware product, run fully implemented on the core i3 cpu?

If not, what is the minimum cpu specification to fully deploy all the capabilities of Deed Defender ?

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Re: Does the Intel Core i3 cpu support Deep Safe anti-malware technology?

See THIS thread for answers.  LiveSafe and DeepSafe are two different products, the 1st does not use Vtx technology, as for the 2nd that isn't available in single licenses and you would have to ask about that in Enterprise, probably HERE is best but see the answer I linked for a phone number in N. America where your answers can be found hopefully.


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