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Difference between LiveSafe and Endpoint Security???

So, I get Endpoint Security 10.5.4 for free through my university, but my free 30 day trial for LiveSafe just ended.  So, as I obviously I want my computer protected; what is the difference?  Will Endpoint provide the same protection as LiveSafe?  Any help on this is greatly appreciated, thank you!!

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Re: Difference between LiveSafe and Endpoint Security???


Livesafe is a consumer Antivirus product whereas Endpoint security is for business and enterprise segment customers. Livesafe has a simpler UI and is designed keeping in mind relatively less number of devices need to be managed.

endpoint protection, on the other hand, is recommended, when a large number of devices need to be protected (schools/universities/offices, etc). It has a lot more granularity in terms of options, settings and management of endpoints. More often than not the product is centrally managed by the IT dept of an organisation.




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