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Default gateway - Ethernet Connection

I'm looking some advice.

My ethernet connection has no Default Gateway. 

I've updated the drivers for the "Realtek gbe family controller" which has made no difference.

PC is a Dell XPS 2720 running  Windows 10 Creator with all updates applied, BIOS etc is upto date.

Everywhere I google saysI need to uninstall McCafee, is this true?

If it is a McAfee problem have they a solution?

If this turnsMcafee is the problem can I get a refund for outstanding subscriptions?

Regards in advance


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Re: Default gateway - Ethernet Connection

Hi simont3473

I doubt it to be caused by McAfee antivirus. The Default Gateway the is IP address of your modem or router (it depends where your ethernet connection is plugged in).

You may also assign Default gateway:

For Windows 10, Go to: Network & Internet settings-> Ethernet->Change adapter settings->Find your ethernet adapter->Right click and find properties of it->Find Internet Protocol Version 4->Assign the static ip and put the ip of your router in the default gateway (if you're directly connected to the modem, instead of router's, put modem's ip).



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