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Can an unstable wi-fi connection cause updates to be faulty (and damage the McAfee software?)

Hi everybody. I have a technical question about the way McAfee updates. I'm using McAfee's "LiveSafe - Internet Security" software on a Windows 8 laptop.

I connect to the internet at home via a wi-fi network that proves to be unstable at times. I've noticed across multiple devices that the internet connection sometimes spontaneously goes down, and that things like logins or submitting forum posts occasionally just time out. Most things work properly once the device is hooked up via a LAN cable, but the wi-fi connection seems overall unreliable at times.

There was one occasion a few weeks ago where I think this impacted my McAfee software (I usually connect my laptop to the internet via wi-fi). Back then, McAfee did an update and told me a reboot may be necessary to complete it. It wasn't clear to me whether that meant it needed the McAfee software or my whole computer to restart. Regardless the software seemed to close and open up again during the process so I figured this was what it meant. After it finished, I clicked the "check for updates" option once more to see if it would tell me I now had the newest version installed. However, this is where the software started acting weirdly: as it checked for updates, it got stuck at 0% and didn't move forward. When I hit the "X" on the top right to go back to the main menu though, it displayed my update status as "Current" and not as "In progress", so I guess it being stuck at 0% was just some kind of display error.

The next time I restarted my computer and McAfee booted up, I noticed that the Real-Time Scanner had turned itself off. It would even keep turning itself off after I manually turned it on, and constantly show me a warning notification about its deactivated status. I also noticed it would sometimes falsely display it as off in the main menu, even though I could see it was on once I clicked on it.

I searched the Support Knowledge base and read that restarting one's computer and updating once more may be a solution for Real-Time Scanner errors after an update. I tried this several times but it didn't help. Only when I hooked my laptop up to the internet via LAN cable (and supposedly had a more stable connection) did it finally work. It updated one more time and the error never popped up again. This leads me to believe that an unstable internet connection like my wi-fi connection at home can cause McAfee to do faulty updates and make the software work incorrectly.

That's why I wanted to ask you guys: is this possible? Does this mean that every time I've updated McAfee via my unstable connection in the past, it might have caused McAfee to update incorrectly and malfunction - maybe even in ways I haven't explicitly noticed till now?

And if so, would a later correctly installed update via a stable connection (in my case via LAN) be able to make up for past damages? Or is there no way to remedy it afterwords?

Thanks guys, I'd greatly appreciate any help.

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