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Block particular outgoing IP:Port


I am using livesafe - is there a way to block outgoing connections to a particular IP and Port ?

I checked out all options under Firewall, I dont see one existing to achieve my requirement

Can someone help me ?




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Re: Block particular outgoing IP:Port


The firewall has an option to block IP/port under "My Network connections" however it does not have the option to choose Outbound/Inbound connection. If it's a program that you need to allow Outgoing access, it's available through "Internet Connections for Programs" under the Firewall settings.


Sanjay S


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Re: Block particular outgoing IP:Port

@sanjay- thanks for the response. Apologies for the delays in getting back,

That partially answers my question. However, 

1. As stated in previous comment, I am unable to enter IP:Port combination under "My Network connections". I get "The field Single: is blank or invalid". It accepts only IP. If I want to block specific port on specific IP what should I do ?

2. How to block based on domain names ? for example - if I have to block * , it is not possible to do it IP based under "My Network Connections". If I enter the domain name, I get the same error as above.

Please advice.