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'/var' storage full, what to do???


My Ironmail's partition '/var' nearly full, after doing all that cleanup jobs, still not go down ( the usage %). Any thins else can do to ease this problem (either on console or by using 'putty' ?

Many Thx! orz



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Re: '/var' storage full, what to do???

KB72156 suggests hotfix 6 and technical support intervention so that they can perform a manual purge

Bascially temp files aren't being deleted properly

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Re: '/var' storage full, what to do???

Are there any thing can do by myself? Or just can call the mcafee engineer? Thx


Re: '/var' storage full, what to do???

You will have to call support.  There are two bugs that cause the problem, and neither are ffixable from the customer facing interfaces.  One is fixed in HF6 (mail files generated by the system, they should not be), the other will be fixed in HF7 (McAfee AV stores temp files in a place with insufficient space).  Give us a call, they are both quick to cleanup and work around.