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Webinars for Email Gateway

I would like McAfee to have webinars on the Email Gateway product. If anyone remembers the David Scott webinars in the past , that is what I am talking about.  Topics could be related to new release features, EPO integration, LDAP configuration,, etc.... or any number of items from this blog.  Has there been any thought put in this direction?

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Re: Webinars for Email Gateway

I would also be interested in such webinars.

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Re: Webinars for Email Gateway

What would you consider the most important/helpful topics that should be touched upon?

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Re: Webinars for Email Gateway

Configuration of DLP.

Re: Webinars for Email Gateway

I think any Topic for starting this process would be OK.  Once you start, I think it will provide interest in the user community and feedback will come.  I am interested in expanding my overall knowledge of the product and finding new ways to filter, whitelist, route, quarantine, etc..   Another idea would be a general briefing on new releases or hotfixes that are available and changes that were made.  How many agents are available for loading and what action do they perform?  Pick a topic and make it 30 – 60 minutes and I will sign-up.