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TLS Reporting

I have a client that needs to report daily on who used TLS for sending/receiving email.  Where can I get that information and how to get it off the appliance?

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Re: TLS Reporting

There are TLSin and TLSout reports that show which domains sent messages and recieved messages with TLS.  They give the list of domains, and how many messages for that domain were TLS.  You will have to contact support to get these, as they are not included by default on the system.

Re: TLS Reporting

Thanks Andy, I let you know if the client gets these reports from support.

Re: TLS Reporting

Yes the question has been answered!  Support did add the agent for TLSIn and TLSout.

However, we also found the the inbound and outbound HTML reports have the detail of sender and receivers of TLS emails.