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Socket error sending DATA

Ever since we have upgraded Ironmail to 6.7.2  we've noticed that IronMail has been dropping a lot of email with attachments, in the case below 9MB.

This only started happening recently, since the 6.7.2 upgrade earlier versions never had this problem.  We have 2 backend mail servers that delivery to both has issues.  All internal email routes from a seperate postfix server that has no issues delivering any size attachments.  I believe this is a Mcafee issue, as all internal mail does not have the same delivery issue, with addition that the system has worked flawless until recent upgrade.

Any ideas????

20120217:10:49:32|28327122|9492|Connection Status <status> -|1|

20120217:10:49:32|28327122|4139|-|Sending: EHLO|

20120217:10:49:32|28327122|4139|-|Reply: '











250-XLOOP CFF1A11E248DB79ABD6F1D77785F868C


250 SIZE 0'|

20120217:10:49:32|28327122|9523|Starting SendSmtpMsg in domain -||

20120217:10:49:32|28327122|9570|BATV values are DSN_BVP_enable: <IsEnabled> mail_from: <Mail From> mdoutbound <IsOutbound> selfdeliveryMode <Delivery Mode> -||

20120217:10:49:32|28327122|4139|-|Sending: MAIL FROM:<jahern@fdsa> size=9439277|

20120217:10:49:32|28327122|4139|-|Reply: '250 2.5.0 Address and options OK.'|

20120217:10:49:32|28327122|4139|-|Sending: RCPT TO:<>|

20120217:10:49:32|28327122|4139|-|Reply: '250 2.1.5 OK.'|

20120217:10:49:32|28327122|4139|-|Sending: DATA |

20120217:10:49:32|28327122|4139|-|Reply: '354 Enter mail, end with a single ".".'|

20120217:10:54:34|28327122|9563|Exception occurred: Type=<error type> Exception=<exp>  -|<class 'ct_smtplib.SMTPServerDisconnected'>Smiley Frustratedocket error sending DATA|

20120217:10:54:34|28327122|9525|Generating DSN||

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Re: Socket error sending DATA

What you are showing there does not appear to be a issue with the IronMail, as the log states that the other server disconnected.  It would probably be best to get a packet capture to show what is truly going on.  You can run this at the command line, but that is hard to read.  The easiest step may to be to call support and have them run the packet capture while the message is retried.  This should be fairly straight forward, as the next hop mail server is not supporting TLS, so any errors would be in plain text.

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