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Review of legacy Local Deny List


I have a legacy Local Deny List with over 3,000 entries on it.

Any suggestions on how to review the entries [automatically] to see if they are harmful or spam site?

I am tempted to just drop all 3,000 entries and start from scratch -- assuming that Trusted Source will protect me in most cases.


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Re: Review of legacy Local Deny List

Unfortunately we do not have any kind of tool that would quickly process through the ip list.

I am guessing that you probably have end-user spam reporting turned on for a list that size?

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Re: Review of legacy Local Deny List

I think the list was built "many" years ago when IronMail was first developed by Ciphertrust, and it was passed along during each upgrade/replacement  (Early 2000's)

No, the end users did not report those addresses.

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