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Problems Applying Disclaimers

Hey all, I have MEG 6.7.2 HF5 and I´m notice the following.

I´ve set 2 different disclaimers, one for each domain. One domain has Exchange and the other Notes. The ones that come out from the Notes, the disclaimer is not present and the only thing I could observe was this in the message log of the e-mail when it comes out from the MEG

20110222:16:37:12|125|6403|For domain -||

20110222:16:37:12|125|6407|Part of message stamp will be in charset. <part:charset> -|<1:UTF-8>|

20110222:16:37:12|125|6405|Part doesn't have a utf-8 decoded file. Message stamp will not happen. part: -|1|

For some mails the Message Stamping is appliying (exchange), the ones that are comming out from the Notes are not.

When I observe the action taken for this messages it says: "NO ACTION TAKEN ON THIS MESSAGE"

The message stamping rule is for outbound mail and it´s ENABLED!

Any ideas?