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Ironmail Showevents Tool Grab Email Status and Email Subject

Hi All,

I use showevents_win32.exe tool to handle grab email status and email Subject information.

I use following shell script;

C:\Workspace\LogAnalyzing\IronLogs\McafeeTool>showevents_win32 -s cfile="scevents.ini" -s ifile="C:\Log_Binary\scmail-logs.bin.ends20121115"  -g module=superq -d head>smtpproxy2.txt"

and i also can get email subject with eventId=9989 via below script;

C:\Workspace\LogAnalyzing\IronLogs\McafeeTool>showevents_win32 -s cfile="scevents.ini" -s ifile="C:\Log_Binary\scmail-logs.bin.ends20121115" -g eid=9989 -g module=superq -d head>smtpproxy2.txt"

Now i have little problem here, how can i get the email status? (can i get email status by passing eventId just like 9989 sample?)

Is there a way to get an email status(SENT,DROPPED,DEFERRED,etc..) ?

Thank you..

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Re: Ironmail Showevents Tool Grab Email Status and Email Subject

you can use: eid=4098

you will get several lines, one for each test, but they will give the status of the message.

You can also just search the summary log, it would pretty much give you the same thing.

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