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Ironmail Hotfix 7 & 8

Hi all,

We are currently on Ironmail 6.7.2 Hotfix 6.

We need to upgrade to Hotfix 8. I understand that we need to upgrade to Hotfix 7 and Hotfix 7 EN1 minor before this.

I haven't run a hotfix before so wanted some advice. How long does a typical install take? does it require a reboot? Are there any common issues or things i need to consider?

Many thanks

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Re: Ironmail Hotfix 7 & 8

When we installed hotfix 7, it took maybe 30 minutes to install, which also depends on how fast your internet connection is. HF7 requires a reboot, and while HF8 only restarted the services, I restarted the Ironmail anyway aswas acting a little odd afterwards.

One issue with Hotfixes is that you need to make sure that they are the released version of them, so that you do not end up at a Hotfix 'dead end' like we did with HF6. Our Ironmail was corrupted by a power outage, and the backups we had made using the non-standard / early release HF6 made them worthless when attempting to import them into the reloaded Ironmail running the release version of HF6.

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