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Incoming Message Attachment Information

I am looking for a list of Document Types (Attachment Types / File Extensions) that are being receiving on incoming messages.

Is there a way to display this information either through a report or through the CLI?

For example, how many .XLS attachments, how many .PDF attachments, etc. are passing through?

Ideally, I would like to know the recipient information also.

For example:

Recipient Smith:  PDF:   10 messages

Recipient Jones:  XLS:   4 messages

Some overall numbers are provided in the Incoming Report (HTML) but this is insufficient detail..

"Document Types in the Top 10 By Message Count:."

1     - TXT    693

2    USENET - HTM    380

3    **Unprocessed**    253

4    Maker Markup Language - JPG    98

5    StarOffice Spreadsheet XML - HTM    52

6    CCITT G3 1D - GIF    13

7    SWF - XLSX    12

8    MSDOS/Windows Program - GIF    79

9    Portable Document Format - SMTP    37

10    Symphony - TIF    68

Thank you.