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HP E-Print rejecting mail from Ironmail


A client within our company is trying to send an email to an HP web-enabled printer while working at home.

This is a feature of newer HP printers.  HP provides an email gateway and a custom address for each registered printer.

The problem I am encountering is that a "test mail" command to the HP E-PRINT SMTP gateway is failing with the error: 5.7.1 Command rejected.

Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot this issue?   I have not yet found the proper HP support channel for "postmaster" support.  
There is a mention of this error within the HP user self-support forums but no real solutions.   One person had success by deleting/removing the SPF record (not Ironmail specific).

Sample test command:

[McAfee]:  test mail   [this is concealed for posting]
01182011 09:14:29:Reply: '220 ESMTP Postfix'
01182011 09:14:29:Reply: '250'
01182011 09:14:29Smiley Frustratedending: MAIL FROM:<>
01182011 09:14:29:Reply: '250 2.1.0 Ok'
01182011 09:14:29Smiley Frustratedending: RCPT TO:<>
01182011 09:14:29:Reply: '250 2.1.5 Ok'
01182011 09:14:29Smiley Frustratedending: DATA
01182011 09:14:29:Reply: '354 End data with <CR><LF>.<CR><LF>'
01182011 09:14:29:Reply: '550 5.7.1 Command rejected'
01182011 09:14:29Smiley Frustratedending: RSET
01182011 09:14:30:Reply: '250 2.0.0 Ok'
Failed: e-mail transaction is incomplete. (550, '5.7.1 Command rejected')
01182011 09:14:30Smiley Frustratedending: QUIT
01182011 09:14:30:Reply: '221 2.0.0 Bye'

[McAfee]: test dns mx
preference = 10, mail exchanger =
[McAfee]: test dns forward


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Re: HP E-Print rejecting mail from Ironmail

You might want to call into support for this one. The conversation appears to be valid, but it looks like its refusing the data command.

Since it is a printer though, it could be expecting a specifc comand in the data portion of the email.