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HF6 failed to install

HF6 failed to install

I had a problem with client's Ironmail last weekend.

The last weekend we tried to install HF6

HF6PRE was installed successfully then we proceed to install HF6, the steps were:

1# Apparently HF6 was installed fine and we waited to the appliance reboot. We waited around 30 minutes or more

2# We lost communication with the appliance . The people of Data Center of my client had to shutdown and reboot manually

3# The appliance continued without communication and we had get into the site where we found the appliance with default configurations. with IP

4# We proceed to reconfigure with client's information like the first time configuration.

5# We got into the appliance and we found that there aren't previous configurations. (AntiSpam, Content Filtering, Envelope Analysis..etc)

6# The appliance had HF6 installed

7# We had to reinstall the appliance with the factory configurations in order to use a backup 6.7.2 HF5 that we had done before.

8# The appliance was recovered succesfully with HF5. We not proceeded to install HF6

I have a questions...:

A) What could have caused this behaivor?

B) Why the appliance returned to the factory configurations?

C) If HF6 was installed successfully why previous configuration were deleted?

I hope someone can explain me...



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Re: HF6 failed to install

All three questions have pretty much the same answer: you rebooted.  Only the files finished installing when it showed complete, there is still a lot of work to after that.  Expect it to take over an hour on a production system.  There are several reboots the system does automatically.  Never manually reboot during an upgrade, unless support explicitly tells you to.

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Re: HF6 failed to install

Hi ajclements

Ok I understand that. The main problem here was that my customer when he lost comunication with the appliance he did the manually reboot.

This is the first time that I am expecting this kind of problems. I will recommend to do not do manually reboots

One last question.... why takes a long time to install HF6? I mean... in other appliances takes just 30 minutes and others take 1 hour ?

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Re: HF6 failed to install

The loss of commumication was likely between some of the reboots performed by the system.  I would expect it on every installation of HF6.

Hotfix 6 may have been better called a complete new version.  It makes the transition from 32 to 64 bit OS and upgrades most every package on the system.  During the upgrade the database is rewritten, and all files on the disk are backed up.  The more mail the systems sees or has in quarantine, the longer the upgrade will take.