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Forgive me...

I am but a user.   Ironmail keeps me safe from spam.  Perhaps it is Ironmail v.1 (the url is etc)?

My question concerns the complete listing of my messages which can be seen via a link which comes in my daily "User Quarantine Release Notification".

The complete list can be seen in very short pages of 20 filtered emails per page (see screen shot...note the highly irritating scroll-bar!).  Currently you see that I have 37 pages. 

Is there anyway the IT guy can configure so that we can see all our filtered mail in a single, scroll-barless page??

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Re: Forgive me...

There is no way to change the number of entries per page, but you may have them reconsider what they will send a notification for.  I see that you have messages in the SPAMQ TRU ESP100 quarantine.  These messages are all but guaranteed to be spam.  I would not notify on them, and would have stongly considered dropping them instead of quarantining.  The messages in SPAMQ TRU ESP75 are also very likely spam, and I would have quarantined them but not notified about them.

Re: Forgive me...

Thank you this is very helpful!!  Any idea why the cap on entries per page?  It's wildly aggravating!!

Re: Forgive me...

Not sure why the cap is set the way it is.  I was in support for the product for almost 5 years, and never found a way to change it, though I don't remember looking much for that particular option.  I did try to make the scroll bar in the middle of the page go away, but that isn't possible either.