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Dropping mails with other languages.

I have Iron mail 6.7.2 and since 3 days so many spoofed mail in russian languages. Please let me know how I can drop those mail from mail gateway when it reaches the device with condtion of specified language.

Immediate responce highly appreciated as so many mails are flooding from them and it seems to be from different domain. As the content is almost similar now I was able to manage track and quaratine with some of the keywords copied from tha mail and adding to dictionary.


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Re: Dropping mails with other languages.

Moved from home products to Business > Ironmail for better attention.


Re: Dropping mails with other languages.

Ivan wrote this up a while back and posted it here

I have another list of character sets that may be of use, also covering Japanese:









Be ware that this can cause false positives, so it is only recommended for specified users that are having problems.

Re: Dropping mails with other languages.

Thanks Andy

Let me try it out

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