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CSV Report

Has anyone used the CSV reports to obtain information?  Just curious if they are useful or not before I put a lot of time into them.  I've done 'some' work with them and find it very time consuming and not much payback.  Thanks.

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Re: CSV Report

Since no one replied to your posting, I'll add my two cents.

For the most part, I find the dashboard graphics for trending to be useful for historic trends, but the 'bread and butter' work that we do on these appliances usually involve going into the CLI and searching the active logs.

If we had more time to spend with the device, we'd probably be looking into the available reports with a more critical eye, but we have a management style of 'if it's not broken, why are you spending time with it?'

With any luck, someone who is using the CSV reports, after reading this sorry excuse for a reply, will feel motivated to share their experience.

Re: CSV Report

Hey thanks for the opinion and taking the time to reply.  Yes, the CLI can provide this information, but if you want more than 1 day of data, it would require another method to correlate.  Just thought McAfee or a user might make a suggestion on this and see if it is viable using CSV data or a better way to do it.  I don't think there is a canned encryption report that shows TLS, SMIME or PGP stats for a specific period of time.

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