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CLI commands - 6.7.2HF5

Has anyone else noticed missing CLI Commands that were in 6.7.1 and no longer work in 6.7.2HF5 ??

These worked and don't now unless the structure of the commands have changed.

  • history (gives illegal command)
  • for i in 01 02 03; do show log summary 201101$i | grep "search string"; done (gives multiple illegal command lines)
  • show log summary | grep "domain name" | grep "|30|" (crashes the putty session - I find this useful as it can show all types of delivery failures for a specific domain and doesn't include output for dates and times)
  • showevents -s cfile="/conf/scevents.ini" -s ifile="/log/scmail-logs.bin.ends20110102" -g module=smtpo -d head | grep (gives illegal command error)
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Re: CLI commands - 6.7.2HF5

I reported to support that the grep command no longre works.  Im sure there are other commands that may not be working.

Not being able to grep is a big problem.

Re: CLI commands - 6.7.2HF5

The grep command works in the Controlled Release of HF5, so might be one of those McAfee unintentional regressions applied to the GA release. I was asking to have my Lab appliance upgraded to the GA version of HF5 and they've been telling me that the script isn't available yet. Might be that the GA version of HF5 is a total box of frogs that they don't want to apply it to appliances that have the Conrolled release on them.