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Why can I not install McAfee to my laptop?

I seem to have a problem trying to download McAfee to my laptop. It installed fine on my PC and anothe r laptop. This is the message that I get after the attempt: "We're sorry, but there are no programs that you can install from this McAfee account. Please log in with another McAfee account, and try installing again." What's weird is that this laptop had McAfee installed before when I had my internet set up with AT&T. Now that I'm with Spectrum, I'm having an issue.

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Re: Why can I not install McAfee to my laptop?

@ohsd2004 It looks like you are trying to install a consumer version of McAfee on your laptop. Some times the best way to deal with these sort is issues is to contact the support. I recommend you to contact the vendor at the below link.!%40%40%3F_afrLoop%3D173496...

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