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unstable application matching on the HIPS Firewall

Anyone else recently started noticing some unstable behaviour on HIPS firewall? (since HIPS Patch 10 or McAfee Exploit Prevention Content 8274)

What we notice is that application matching is sometimes failing even while the application is still listening on the inbound port. We have seem this in the past with slow server responses (TCP timeout) where the connection was already removed from the state table, or the application had already stopped listening to the port. However these are "works as designed".

In these cases (we have multiple) the application is still running and listening on inbound connections however HIPS is seeing the process as the system idle process.


04/12/2018 09:12:06.859 FireCore.cpp[5757] VERBOSE  (7652) getProcessInfo() - Will not attempt to get process info for system idle process.
04/12/2018 09:12:06.859 FireCore.cpp[6169] VERBOSE  (7652) handleNotificationEventLog() - traffic event received:
 Mode = traffic
 Process id = 0
 Source port = xx
 Dest port = xx
 Ip protocol = 17
 Ethernet type = 0x800
 Process path =
 Local ip addr = xx.xx.xx.xx
 Remote ip addr = xx.xx.xx.xx

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Re: unstable application matching on the HIPS Firewall

Ever since we updated to the latest 8274 content nearly all of our applications that do outbound 80/443 communication have begun failing (even McAfee Agent).  The outbound is established but then the return channel gets blocked by the default Block All rule.  We've been using these rules for years now without and issue and they just started failing after this update.  I thought it was the HIPS P11 at first but it was installed and working without issue for several days.  Seeing your post though made me realize the content file was updated after P11 was installed and after that is when we started seeing this issue.

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