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fireSvc.exe consuming excess cpu

We have started to see a few of our laptops report 25% of more continuious CPU usage for the firesvc.exe service according to task manager.  External web sites will be unavailable during this time as well.  I first though it was an issue with IPv6, but after having a few users disable ipv6 and reboot, the issue would resurface again. I see these in the firesvc log

NipsMessaging.cpp[98]          ERROR    (4268) NimQ - Unexpected mac address value

NipsMessaging.cpp[98]          ERROR    (6336) NimQ - Unexpected large transport payload: 0xbf39e01000000837 (bug 579380)

I had to disable hips/FW from EPO until we can figure this out. 

Support is aware.

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Re: fireSvc.exe consuming excess cpu

Hi feeeds,

check this thread (more of symptoms alike):

This might have something to do with VPN client software, but they aren't the only source of these symptoms AFAIK.

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