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We are in the process of implamenting the Access Protection rules in HIPS. As we work through adding exclusions for our environment I see a number of alerts where the source is <SYSTEM> and file:///<SYSTEM>.

Threat Source User Name:

Threat Source Process Name:<SYSTEM>
Threat Source URL:file:///<SYSTEM>

The most common rules triggering are:

Access Protection - Prevent modification of McAfee files and settings

Access Protection - Prevent programs registering to autorun

Access Protection - Protect network settings

After looking into the alerts, they appear to be ligitamate setting changes that we need to exclude.

What causes this vague source description?

I understand "NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM", but I'm a little reluctant to create exclusions based on <SYSTEM> and/or file:///<SYSTEM> without understanding what this means.

The systems involved are using the following:


VirusScan Enterprise:

Host Intrusion Prevention):

SiteAdvisor Enterprise Plus:



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