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Windows XP machines hang after HIPS 8 installation


We are new to McAfee HIPs (although not new to VSE and ePO).

We have recently had a McAfee Consultant onsite to configure HIPs. As I understand, this has initially been configured with the IPS component enabled, but the Firewall element is disabled.

We have so far deployed HIPS to 22 machines, of which 11 are Windows XP SP3 based.  Of the 11, 3 of the Windows XP machines become unusable following installation of HIPS, yet 3 others are fine.   The remaining 5 are unclear as these have only been deployed today.

We are deploying HIPS 8.0 with Patch 3 (although I understand for Windows 7 / XP this is really Patch 2 being installed). To try and resolve this issue I have added Hotfix 843301 and 803520.

On these machines the installation of HIPS appears to be successful and the machine continues to function. However, following a reboot of the machine Windows XP starts and generally the user is able to logon to the machine, but will be very slow, and eventually the Windows will give the impression that it has hung. It does not matter how long the machine is left for - it will not recover without being restarted and then trying to uninstall HIPS.

Originally the problem was isolated to two test Windows XP which are virtual machines running on VMware ESXi 5.1. However, we have now seen this problem on a physical Dell Optiplex. On the virtual machines we did try using HIPS 7, but experienced the same problem. Additionally the consultant did locate a document suggesting that the XP QoS document could be a cause, but removing this also did not help.

I have opened a service request with McAfee Support, but thought I would ask here in case anyone has any suggestions, or thoughts that I could try.

Thank you


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