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Upgrade HIPS 6.1 to HIPS 7.0


We want to upgrade our HIPS 6.1 on the Clients to HIPS 7.0 with the ePO 3.61 Deploymenttask. Have we attend to something?

We want to set the HIPS 6.1 in the Deploymenttask to ignore and the HIPS 7.0 to install. Need the Clients a reboot after the installation?

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RE: Upgrade HIPS 6.1 to HIPS 7.0

If you download the latest 7.0 agent it is bundled with patch 2. Patch 2 does require a reboot.
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Level 9

RE: Upgrade HIPS 6.1 to HIPS 7.0


Yes, you can set 6.1 to ignore and 7.0 to install. It will require a reboot.
There are 2 choices. One, you can set it so the reboot message pops up and alerts the user that they need to reboot as soon as possible. Two, you set it to be silent. When the user reboots on their own, the upgrade will be completed.

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