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Timed Firewall


our firewall policy is very restrictive: the laptop can use just our company network (just allowing our subnets: 172...., 10... and so on) and two path are allowed over the internet only for our VPN. So, in a external enviroment (i.e. home) when there is a router is simply: they connect to the router, then start the VPN and they can use email, company portal and so on. There is a problem: when they are in hotel or in airport they can't use VPN, in fact usually a web page asking credentials is needed in order to surf over the internet. Our policy works as requested:  they cant access to the web page and then they can't open the VPN. Is there a way to make the HIPS8 starting just few minutes later? Just 5 minutes are enough in order to type username e password. Thank you in advance.

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