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Service not starting issue with Version 8 of HIPS

I have remotely installed the HIPS to some remote clients and for some reason or another the "Host Intrusion Prevention Service" is refusing to start. 

What are the possible causes of this issue.  The other HIPS services have started but not that one.  I also do not see the HIPS being activated as a component in the VSE systray. The HIPS console is not able to be launched when i tried to launch it manually from the .exe.  What went wrong here?

Some background information on the clients:

     the clients are on a domain in active directory.  I am using an admin account that is able to install to the systems.

         the system do not have the latest Microsoft patches

          they are not pacth until tested by a vendor

             windows firewall has been disable

               port 8081 is open

see the attached that shows the warning when i try to start the service.

Can HIPS installation be impacted if windows update is not current?

The system have the Tripwire PCI compliant software but don't think it is affecting McAfee.  VSE is running fine on the systems. the issue now is just with the HIPS component.

Anyone with better insights, please inform.


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