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Problems with hips 8.0 policy

Hi, I have hips 8.0 patch 9 on 5.1.3 epo server.

I am trying to crate a new policy but after I create the policy and assign it to a computer the policy won't assign and the previous policy stay assign.

Maybe someone know this problems, or have any idea about how to solve this problem.

Thank you,


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Re: Problems with hips 8.0 policy


Is epo reporting the old policy as applied or is it the client?

i had a simmilar case once with the IPS rules policy. In our case the client did not update the applied policy back to ePo. however it was applied locally on the client.

The root cause was never found but we nowdays use a simple workarround:

first rename the policy, and only afterwards edit the policy. this way the client gets the correct policy AND reports back the correct applied policy towards ePo.

Re: Problems with hips 8.0 policy

in the policy assignment, i can see that this policy applies to the client but in the client, i cant see the policy.

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