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Problem with HIPS, Aventail (VPN) and VNC

Hi erverybody,

I have a problem with the combination of these three Programms.

I connect with the Notebook to the internet (DSL)
Then i use Aventail to establish a VPN tunnel ... successful. I can see the other clients in the Network, and the server and so on.
And now i try to connect via VNC from my PC (from the Network) to that Notebook(Internet/VPN/HIPS). And it don't work.

In Hips I have an accessrule: (Select the VPN (Aventail) traffic via IP Address)
And under this accessrule there is a rule: Allow all traffic from the network.

But if I try to connect with winvnc, I get an error:
Applikation: TightVNC Win32 Server (winvnc.exe)
Description: Blocked TCP - host (1350) source (5900)

If Hips is dissable, VNC works
if i switch the rule (Allow TCP Traffic from winvnc.exe) out of the accessrule, it will be also work!

Is there any problem with some Applikations and accessrules?

Thanks for Information