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Possible 6.1 P3 conflict with Exchange server

We've recelnty deployed patch 3 for HIPS 6.1.

We've also started noticing a problem with some of our users on our Exchange server, looking at the logs the problems with the exchange server started around the same time as patch 3 was deployed.

Basically what's happening is people's Outlook keeps disconnecting from the exchange server. The bubble pops up on Outlook saying its trying to connect to the exchange server but it doesnt. After a while it reconnects but often disconnects later.

Looking at the Exchange system manager on the logons folder for an affected user there are way too many logons. (once it reaches 32 it disconnects the user) The exchange server is full of Event ID 9646 in the app log for each affected user.

Today I removed HIPS from one of the most affected users and looking at his logons is down to 3 and no errors or disconnects.

Just wondering if anyone else has ever noticed this problem? We're running:

HIPS 6.1 Patch 3
Outlook 2003 and 2007 (Both seem affected)
Exchange server 2003 SP2

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Level 9

RE: Possible 6.1 P3 conflict with Exchange server

It appears this problem affects all our users in some way, however only some users are hitting the 32 connection limit and getting the Outlook errors.

Just wondering if anyone who runs HIPS 6.1 Patch 3 and Exchange Server 2003 SP2 can check the logons folder of the Exchange System MAnager to see if there are large amounts of connections (over 10) for their users? Ideally compare that to the amount of logons of a user that doesn't have HIPS installed.

I've opened a case with McAfee, very slow progress with them and I'd like to see if it's just us.

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